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Maddox’s Smash Cake and 8 Random Things!

Happy Monday, err Tuesday. These last few weeks have been quite interesting. Baby boy turned 1, I ran my first and possibly last 10 mile race, and a big announcement happened. I am not a fan of taking time off from blogging but when life gets crazy, sleep and babies take precedence. Maddox’s Smash Cake photos and 10 random things recapping my roller coaster life are below!

1) Maddox turned 1 on October 7th and I made both birthday cakes with the help of Pinterest.

And this is why I keep having babies. The first year FLIES by. We didn’t do a big party but he got to smash multiple cakes and he won’t remember any of it.

2) I ran the Army 10-miler!

Like, really ran it. I stopped once at mile 6 for water and electrolytes and finished under my goal time of 1:45. If you would have told me 2 years ago that I was going to run 10 miles, I would’ve laughed in your face.

3) I’m still breastfeeding, much to my dismay.

Maddox is 1, which means he can drink regular milk but alas, he wants nothing to do with cows milk. And the saga continues.

4) I booked a trip to Niagara Falls.

This is our reconnect trip. Work life balance works because of the law of averages. Some weeks, we spend all our time together and other weeks I barely see my husband. Marriage is being smart enough to know this is the case and strong enough to withstand those rough times.

5) Ava and I signed up for another 5K.

We’re running the Monster Dash 5K for her birthday weekend. Running together is our time and she loves that.

6) I saw Chris Stapleton in concert.

He was amazing. I’m not a huge fan of county music but I love great musicians and he is a true talent.

7) Our hot tub was installed

Hot Springs and fall just go together. I apologize for all the obnoxious hot tub photos yet to come.

8) I have an addiction to buying gourds

It’s fall and the whole world is vomiting pumpkin spice and motherfu*&king gourds everywhere. How can I not buy a 5 pack of baby pumpkins for $2.99?? HOW CAN I NOT???

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