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We all strive to juggle the stresses and pressures of daily life that can overwhelm us and bring out our insecurities. Often, these stresses can prevent us from moving forward with our attainable goals. The truth is, we don't have to be great at everything at the same time, even if social media makes us feel like we do. Healthy habits can be achieved through a holistic wellness lens that prioritizes routine changes and small steps to improve one’s overall health. 


Alicia McKenzie—athlete, wellness coach, businessperson, wife, and mother of five—knows all too well how hard it can be to keep moving forward. That’s why she developed this program for busy people like herself to take control of their happiness. In her talk, Alicia will overview the key practices that bring about healthy changes, and outline how her four pillars of wellness can be implemented in the workplace.

 Available September 2022, Balance is Bullsh*t outlines
  • A 12-week guided journal to help schedule your time efficiently while still achieving your goals

  • Thought exercises structured around four pillars: mental, physical, financial, and community wellness

  • A week-at-a-glance planner for streamlined organization 

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