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Holiday Shopping – Cruising with Kids

Christmas is just about 3 months away and this weekend, I got a jump on holiday shopping for the littles. And before you go all, “it’s not even fall yet” on me, I want to caveat this by saying that we don’t buy our kids a lot of presents. We choose to buy experiences because we believe their memories will last longer than that cheap ass toy they played with for all of 76 seconds. Cruising with kids has always been our thing so that’s their present this year!

For the past 5 years, not including pregnancy years , we have taken a Disney Cruise and I will NEVER go on any other cruise line for fear that it will suck. This is the vacation I look forward to the most, not because I’m a Disney fanatic, but because it’s so perfect. From the moment you step onto their ships, it’s simply magical. To top is all off, phones don’t work on the ship. PERFECTION!

Cruise #1

Our first cruise was in 2009 when Ava was 2, getting ready to turn 3. We did a 3 night cruise to the Bahamas. Our room was on one of the lower decks and we had a porthole only but we absolutely loved it. From that moment, we were hooked.

Cruise #2

We did a 4 night Bahamian Cruise when I was pregnant with Makayla in 2011. I was worried that morning sickness and cruising would be an issue, but it wasn’t. Ava had a blast. It was short but sweet.

Cruise # 3

We went again in 2012 when Makayla was 9 months old. Again, everyone had an amazing time. It was the inaugural sailing of the Fantasy. Our 7 day itinerary included Cozumel, Mexico, Costa Maya, Mexico, Grand Cayman and Castaway Key.

The Mayan Ruins

Cruise # 4 –

In 2014, we did another 7 night cruise. The itinerary included Falmouth Jamaica and Grand Cayman again. As an added bonus, we took grandma and now she is hooked on Disney cruises as well.

Cruise # 5 –

In 2015, we were scheduled for a 7 day Mediterranean cruise through Spain departing from Barcelona. And then Maddox happened. It’s frowned upon to cruise when you’re 34 weeks pregnant so we had to cancel it. The family ended up in Hawaii that year so I think that’s a fair trade.

 Cruise # 5 –

This year for Christmas, I’m buying the kids new suitcases and will put their Disney bands inside. Boom. Done. We will be sailing thorough the Caribbean for the New Year, with stops at the British Virgin Islands, US Virgin Islands and the Disney Private Island. Cruising with kids is made seamless with Disney. The activities are endless and the memories are lasting.

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