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Fitness Friday – Garage Gym Upgrades on a $500 Budget

Happy Friday! Every few months or so, the husband and I like to invest money in the garage gym. We enjoy working out with each other but it can become annoying as hell when you’re fighting over 45 lb plates. Now, I’m super cheap when it comes to some things – (purses and shoes not included) and love to shop around for the best deals. After a little bit of research, we added a few garage gym upgrades on a $500 budget.

I am not a brand loyalist when it comes to home equipment. I look at reviews and product descriptions and because this is for a garage gym, I’m ok with going off brand. Having an official “Ab Mat” for my ass to sit on makes absolutely no difference to me. If I can save $20 buying a no-name brand, I most certainly will.

If you’re in the market for a few gym upgrades, hopefully this list will be of some use! Between Amazon and Walmart, my garage gym will be one of the best!

Rogue Fitness Equipment

I ordered additional prices to our rig. I love organization and Rogue makes it really simple!

Rogue Vertical Barbell Rack – this thing took 10 minutes to install. Just beware that none of the hardware is included.

Rogue Plate Storage – I like the idea of the storage being moveable. Until we move the gym to barn, we’re limited for space.

Amazon Equipment

If you’re a prime member, this is a great way to go.

Adidas Weight Bench – Under $100!! Can’t beat it.

Adler Chalk – 8 blocks of chalk for less than $15!

Barbell Clamps – a certain name brand will run you almost $40 with shipping. These were less than $10. Hello bargain brand. The McKenzie’s welcome you with open arms.

Ab Mats – 2 ab mats for the cost of 1 name brand.

Foam Plyo box – I have really missed doing box jumps. This foam plyo box was such a great deal and I won’t gash my shins open. Win/win.

Walmart Equipment

Walmart online has free shipping on anything. When you’re buying weights, it’s a no brainer.

Two 45lb CAP bumper plates that don’t bounce AND free shipping. I will never buy weights from any other place.

We got a pretty good amount of equipment for a grand total of………………..


Slightly over budget but we got a good amount for money. We should be set for awhile!

My Week of Workouts

Sunday –

3 mile trail Run with the Husband and daughter

Monday –


Assault Bike Calories

Butterfly Situps



Tuesday – 

5 rounds ascending weight

Strict Press – 10 reps

Good Mornings – 10 reps

Front Squat – 10 reps


5K Training with the 9 year-old

Wednesday – 

Rest Day 3 miles run

Thursday – 

So we were on the way to CFWS and realized we would be soooooooo late for the 5:30pm class. I hate being late so I turned the car around and we did the WoD at home.

5×3 Hang Clean


400M Run

10 Deficit HSPU (8″)

400M Run

20 Deficit HSUP (4″)

400M Run


400M run

Friday – Rest Day 

Saturday –

Dulles 5K!!! 

Enjoy your weekend and enjoy the outdoors while this amazing weather lasts!

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