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Crossfit – Training or Just Exercise?

I have been doing crossfit for over 7 years. During those 7 years, I have switched from “just exercise” to training multiple times. No other form of training or exercise has been able to keep my attention for this long so there must be something to it. Depending on the stage of my life, it is easy to make crossfit match. Right now, I’m currently in a training stage of my life.

So what is the difference you ask? When I’m training, it’s because I have set competitive goals for myself and training is the only way I can meet those goals. Training involves sacrifice, blood, sweat and maybe even some tears. Training involves keeping a spreadsheet of your day, timing your macro nutrients and videoing your lifts so your coach can critique you.

Training involves going back to the gym 16 days postpartum because you want your team to make it Regionals. Training involves getting up for Sunday team sessions even though you’ve only had 3-4 hours of sleep because your boy was up 4 times. Training is nursing between long sessions. Training is hard and its not always fun but is 100% necessary in the Sport of Crossfit. I don’t always like training but it is something I have to do to meet my goals. When my 4 year old asks me why I’m leaving again, it’s because I have to train, not exercise.

That feeling when you set a personal record!

So what is exercise? Exercise is always fun. Exercise is what I do so I can eat loosely and not get fat. I exercise when I want to look good naked. Exercise is not logged in my training book. I exercise when I’m too pregnant to train. I exercise when I want to be healthy, not competitive. When I exercise, I keep the weights lighter and the cardio high. Exercise keeps me fit for life. Functional movements keep me ready for anything. My body hurts less and I’m completely ok with missing a day when I exercise. I’d rather get frozen yogurt with my girls than exercise.

My exercise of choice is Crossfit. My training of choice is Crossfit. I’m grateful to have the ability to jump between both.

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