the Team



Alicia is a former USAW and CrossFit athlete with over a decade in the fitness industry. She has

owned and operated CrossFit gyms, is a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach, business real estate portfolio owner, and most importantly is a mother of 4.


She has lived the reality of juggling

being a business owner, a wife, a mother, and a bi-racial woman. These experiences give her a

unique perspective when coaching other women and she thrives on watching others take hold

of their wellness and succeed at life.


In addition, she most recently launched Amplify Health and Wellness Inc, a charitable foundation platform dedicated to empowering the underserved and underrepresented communities by creating health and wellness opportunities that are accessible to all. The vision is ending the healthy lifestyle and representation poverty gap. She believes that we must work together to create positive and representative healthy role models

that can lift up the underserved.

Alicia McKenzie | Head Coach




Nadia is an American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer that believes in holistically coaching her clients to obtain lasting and sustainable change.


While currently pursuing her Masters of Clinical Nutrition degree, Nadia also owns and operates Fig Foundation, a meal prep company that focuses on nutrition education and agricultural sustainability.


With fifteen years experience as a spiritual counselor and mentor she specializes with assisting clients to address root causes that could prevent progression of their goals. She believes and coaches from her motto that with love, truth, and commitment to change any goal is attainable.

Nadia Smith | Health and Wellness Coach |




Robin is a Pre and Postnatal Exercise Specialist, Holistic Wellness Coach, Podcaster and your basic plant-based foodie.


Robin has a passion for serving women through fitness, health, and wellness in every phase of their ever-evolving body. This passion has led her to become certified in pre/postnatal fitness, Weight Loss, Integrative Nutrition, and Hormonal Health.


Today, She has the privilege of partnering with women in healing their bodies through making incremental holistic lifestyle changes, leaving them with a new sense of health and happiness.

Robin Lewis | Health and Wellness Coach |