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PNC Parkway Classic – Come Run with Me!


There’s nothing like starting off Spring/Summer with a beautiful race! I’m putting together a team for the Parkway Classic and would love to get as many people as I can involved. I have heard amazing things about this race. I’m almost tempted to do the 10-miler. We’ll see about that one though!

If you are interested in running an “easy” 5K, join my team! You can register here! The team name is LLAMA LLAMA.

Training Plan!

I solicited information about training plans from social media and a majority of people recommend the Nike running app. Here is a training plan that will help get you ready for a 5K.

Running Attire – What I wear

Running shoes are a very personal choice. What works for one person may be completely wrong for someone else. I recommend going to a Pacers or a PR Run store to be properly fitted. Two of my favorite run shoes and some of my fave gear is below. Happy running!



Run Pants – here, Run Top – here, Run Bra – here

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