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Our Family Schedule – Covid19 Version

Updated: May 3, 2020


Yes. My kids are maintaining a schedule while we’re practicing social distancing. No. I am not some rigid crazy lady, running around with a stopwatch timing their every movement.

When you’re grossly outnumbered by your children, having a blueprint to the day is incredibly helpful. We’re only two weeks into this thing and my kids were bored, snacking uncontrollably and constantly asking me what to do. Now they have an answer. “Check the schedule”.

They can choose to follow it or be bored. We’re allowing more screen time than normal but they also follow the leader. If one kid chooses coloring or crafts over TV, the majority will most likely follow.

As I’m writing this, the two oldest girls are doing Khan Academy learning about hearts and blood flow. If you give them positive options, they’ll usually make good choices.


Our Schedule

Here is our daily schedule. There’s a lot of wiggle room but this is the stability my kids thrive off of. Full disclosure: we homeschooled for a year so this is my old schedule with a facelift.


A Blank Version

If you’re looking for a template, I’ve got you covered.

I hope this is helpful! Stay distant my friends.

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