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My Path to Amplify

In 2008, I discovered crossfit. In 2010, I opened my first affiliate. In 2016, I sold my gym to focus on motherhood and our other businesses but all that time, I was involved in personal training. Even if it was only one or two clients at a time, I wanted to find a way to help others be healthier.

In 2018, I found an online program that served its purpose but it didn't check all the boxes and I was still programming my own workouts to supplement the needs of my husband and myself. The life of a CEO (my husband) does not bode well for working out all day but we made it work.

Enter LLAM Amplify

2020 is a year of growth. A year of not being afraid to ruffle feathers. A year of amplifying health, fitness and voices. LLAM Amplify is on a mission to bridge the gap between fitness and those that can't necessarily afford it or don't have the time or desire to go to a brick and mortar facility. Our workouts are designed to require minimal equipment but we also have a program for those that have a fully equipped gym.



Daily workouts, 3 ways (bodyweight, dumbbell and barbell) 


Monthly Strength Programs


Inclusive Facebook and IG Community 


Monthly challenges, giveaways, nutrition education 

and much more! 

$14.99 per month 


Where can I find an example of your workouts?

All over social media. I have shared my workouts for free for the longest time but here's a couple to give you an idea.

How Do I Sign Up?

That's easy. We're offering your first month for $1. The second month will be $14.99. No contract required. Just click HERE!

To make things better, LLAM Community Efforts are being supported by the revenue. Our philanthropic goals can be found here. Thank you for considering becoming a part of our community. We appreciate you.

In Good Health,


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