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My Favorite Home Workout Equipment Under $100

Updated: May 3, 2020


We have just found ourselves under the social distancing order for another 30 days. No gyms, no fancy equipment, still tons of options. I’m sharing my favorite, affordable, at-home workout gear for those who are starting from scratch.

I’ve seen a huge trend of bloggers pivoting to subjects they’re not well-versed in, i.e. fashion trying to sell fitness. Please do yourself a favor and don’t buy anything that won’t resell easily. No one is going to buy your massive squat rack or running machine once this is all over.

What equipment do I need to workout from home?

If you’re looking to invest in at-home workout equipment, your best options are dumbbells, kettlebells and other free weights. You can do so many movements with one set of dumbbells. Don’t complicate things. At this point, your sole focus is to just jeep moving.

Moves You Can Do With Dumbbells

  1. Bench Press/Floor Press

  2. DB Squats

  3. Single-Leg Deadlifts

  4. Bicep Curls

  5. Clean and Press

  6. Glute Bridges

  7. Weighted Sit-ups


I could really go on and on. Fitness is simple. Stop complicating shit that doesn’t need to be complicated! Dumbbells. Get a pair. Cheers!

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