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Mindset Matter: LLAM Collaborates with A-List Trainer Ashley Joi!

Each week, LLAM will "interview" a new person in the health and wellness industry with the hopes of spreading knowledge and pearls of wisdom based on questions from social media. This week, I had the pleasure of working with A-List trainer Ashley Joi. Keep reading to see how she's handling her mindset and motivation during these current conditions!

Current Conditions - The Covid Elephant

LLAM: How are you making this time during Covid work for you?

Ashley Joi: I’m not sure if I am making this time of social distancing ‘work for me’ as much as it could be! This was an abrupt adjustment. I had plans to work on projects and be at a new gym etc. So… I took some time to just be still and ask myself what I needed, what I could do.

Now that it is 3 months into this ‘stay home’ order I feel I have a better grasp of what I can do as a trainer and public figure. We all have opportunities to grow without shame or judgement. I have been reading books (something I love to do but didn’t have the time to before). I am taking on some specialty courses in the fitness field to further my education/knowledge. I also am going to start to hold group classes online as well as open my one-on-one personal training to online.

Why Mindset Matters

LLAM: You're a big advocate of journaling. Talk to me about mindset and why it’s important. How does journaling play into that?

Ashley Joi: Your mind is so powerful and is our strongest asset as well as can easily turn into our weakest asset if not tended and given the care it needs. Journaling is a resource to openly speak about your feelings, thoughts, fears, goals etc without any judgment.

It also allows you to take what is in your head and let it out. The simple saying “Better out than in” is VERY true! Our mind is powerful and can create situations to appear larger than they really are. You can break down a situation on paper, or even having someone to talk to about it. Just remember your body will do what you mind tells it to do. Staying physically active as well as staying mentally active is equally important.

Fitness and Motivation

LLAM: You’re on Chris Hemsworth’s training team. What separates the Centr from other programs out there?

Ashley Joi: Centr is a complete resourceful program. We provide sleep guides, meditations, informative blog post, meals, grocery list-guided recipes, and workouts! From yoga, pilates, functional training, HIIT, Strength training and boxing! We also have a great facebook community once you join Centr and become a Legend.

LLAM: Anything else you'd like to share?

Ashley Joi: I encourage people to not think there is one way to handle or adjust in this time of uncertainty. Please do what is best for you and your family before you’ think’ you need to follow any trend that has begun since #socialdistancing and COVID-19 affected USA.

What Keep Me Motivated?

To be completely honest, I am not always motivated. Some days, I just don't want to workout because I'm not into it. Those are the days I suck it up and do it for the sake of my mental health.

Other days, I'm really sore and tired and just over it. On those days, I do yoga and just go for a walk to get some movement in. This is when listening to your body becomes really important. Are you sore/exhausted or just not into it?

I will say though, as vapid as it may seem, a new pair of workout pants or tennis shoes makes me so happy. I just can’t wait to put them on a take them for a test trial! You should try it.

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