Let’s Talk Baby Food

Happy Thursday to all you beautiful people. Let’s talk baby food for a minute. When I had Makayla, I swore that I would purée all her baby food and be that completely holistic, non-processed, paleo kind of mom. Then reality hit me square in the face. Running a gym and training didn’t leave much time for growing my own veggies and using a baby bullet. So naturally, I went to the next best thing…baby food pouches. You eat them, I eat them, WE ALL EAT THEM!

baby food

Baby Mak circa 2012

Then I had Maddox and carried on that same goal. “I’m going to make all his food because it’s better for him.” Ha. My son threw me for a loop. His love of french fries and pickles killed my dream real fast. Once again, baby food pouches and I were best friends.

Now Mav comes along and I “feel like” I have a head start in the game. I always start solids between 5 and 6 months. ALWAYS. Baby guts are sensitive and my kids love the boob so it works for us. Plus, I’m in no rush to carry around more baggage than I need to. My goal for baby Mav is a combination of whole foods, such as avocado and sweet potatoes, using the Béaba Baby Cook and Littlespoon Babyblends,

Béaba baby cook

Béaba baby food maker

With ALLLLLL that being said, there is a campaign I’m apart of called the #NoMoreOldBabyFood. Did you know that most baby food on the shelf is older than your baby? Something about that doesn’t sit right with me. I’m not anti-baby food and you can guarantee that I’ll feed my little guy a pouch of food in a pinch but if there’s a better alternative, why not use it? These ultra-processed, uber-preserved jars of mush can’t be the be all end all for food, can it?

Information is power and my plan as a parent is to make sure my kids have a better life than I did. Some things are good aged (cough cough wine) but baby food is not one of them.

Click here for more information and make today a great one!

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