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Let’s Talk Baby Food

Happy Thursday to all you beautiful people. Let’s talk baby food for a minute. When I had Makayla, I swore that I would purée all her baby food and be that completely holistic, non-processed, paleo kind of mom. Then reality hit me square in the face. Running a gym and training didn’t leave much time for growing my own veggies and using a baby bullet. So naturally, I went to the next best thing…baby food pouches. You eat them, I eat them, WE ALL EAT THEM!

Baby Mak circa 2012

Then I had Maddox and carried on that same goal. “I’m going to make all his food because it’s better for him.” Ha. My son threw me for a loop. His love of french fries and pickles killed my dream real fast. Once again, baby food pouches and I were best friends.

Now Mav comes along and I “feel like” I have a head start in the game. I always start solids between 5 and 6 months. ALWAYS. Baby guts are sensitive and my kids love the boob so it works for us. Plus, I’m in no rush to carry around more baggage than I need to. My goal for baby Mav is a combination of whole foods, such as avocado and sweet potatoes, using the Béaba Baby Cook and Littlespoon Babyblends,

Béaba baby food maker

With ALLLLLL that being said, there is a campaign I’m apart of called the #NoMoreOldBabyFood. Did you know that most baby food on the shelf is older than your baby? Something about that doesn’t sit right with me. I’m not anti-baby food and you can guarantee that I’ll feed my little guy a pouch of food in a pinch but if there’s a better alternative, why not use it? These ultra-processed, uber-preserved jars of mush can’t be the be all end all for food, can it?

Information is power and my plan as a parent is to make sure my kids have a better life than I did. Some things are good aged (cough cough wine) but baby food is not one of them.

Click here for more information and make today a great one!

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