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I Worry Because I’m A Mom And I’m Supposed To!

As I ran into my son’s room at 6:42am, in sheer panic because he actually slept through the night, I came to the realization that I will always worry about my kids. No matter how irrational my fears are, I truly believe that once you have children, you resign yourself to a life of worry. Whether they’re 9 months, or 9 years old, I will worry. Even if I know they’re perfectly ok, I will STILL worry because it comes with the territory.

I worry that the baby will overheat in his crib so I freeze him with a fan every night. Or that I’ll accidentally drop him over the railing going upstairs, so I squeeze the crap out of him until we make it past the baby gate. I worry that my 4 year old will choke on her hot dog, so I cut it up into stupidly small pieces. No matter how silly these “fears” are, they’re real. It’s like being afraid that someone is looking at you through an open window at night. Highly unlikely, but there’s a slim chance it could happen. Thanks to every scary movie I watch, I’m a ball of irrational fears.

Easing My Worries with Swim Lessons!

Now that summer is in full swing, I worry that my two youngest aren’t prepared for the water. They love the water but I’m terrified they’ll take their floaties off and go under! The oldest has gone through 5 years of swim lessons. The little ones, however, needs some help in that department. You always read about that 3 or 4 year-old that accidentally drowned at the neighborhood pool so what’s a mom to do? Seek out the best person to give private swim lessons!!!!

“You can do it!”


Crab walk!

Mrs. Jenny has done an amazing job with our girl. This is the same little girl that couldn’t stand to get her face wet at the beginning of the summer and now she’s going underwater without thinking twice. I can’t wait to see how confident she’ll be by the end of the summer – sans floaties! If you’re in the Northern VA, I highly recommend Jenny. She’s super personable and Makayla just adores her and her husband. Drop me a line for her contact info!

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