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Home Gym – Big Investment Items $$$

Updated: May 3, 2020


This article got some really good feedback but I also received a lot of questions about larger, big investment items. My advice still stands. If you’re looking to purchase workout equipment for your home gym, make sure it’s something that A) you will actually use and B) can easily be resold.

It’s going to be really difficult to offload your massive bow-flex but people will want your bumper plates or concept 2 rower. I have personally purchased both items second-hand when I was stocking a brand new Crossfit Gym.

See below for my top investment items for your home gym! I say investment because you are investing in your heath/wellness and should plan to use these items for years. I’ve had my assault bike since 2016. It’s worth every penny.


Pull-up Rig/Rack

I have used this pull-up rig since 2010. It easily doubles as a squat rack. Rogue Fitness makes solid products in the USA.


Ask any seasoned rower. A Concept 2 is the only option. Keep an eye out for one on Facebook marketplace. If you see one for under $500, do not hesitate. It will be gone before you blink an eye.

Assault Bike

I 100% love my assault bike. I’ve had bike for four years and we have a solid love/hate relationship. I have never tried the Rogue echo so I can’t compare the two.


My husband uses this 45lb bar. I use this 35lb bar. We also have a smaller 15lb training bar.

Bumper Plates

I purchased my first pair of bumper plates in 2009. They basically last forever. I currently use these and these in my home gym.


I know, I know. I love my peloton. I ride it at least once a week and it’s fucking fabulous. I even use 3lb dumbbells during Cody’s arm sections. Don’t judge me!


Happy fitness’ing!

Note: most of the linked items are currently out of stock due to current events (covid-19) but these are my recommendations. Do not shop around because I cannot guarantee the quality. Add yourself to the waiting list and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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