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Free Resources to Help You With Social Distancing!

Social distancing has thrown everyone for a loop. We’re being forced to do things completely different while also staying away from our dearest friends and family. This virus has taken our societal norms and forced them to “pivot”. I don’t think I’ve said that word more in my life than now.

It’s been an interesting adjustment but this global pandemic has forced several businesses to adjust their offerings, to include heavy hitters such as The Harvard Business School. See below for a roundup of free resources!

Business/Educational Resources

Harvard Business School – Ready to hone in some skills? Harvard is offering everything from Java/Python to Art and Archeology.

Class Central – Speaking of Ivy’s, there’s a ton of other well-renowned colleges offering free classes.

TedTalk – Fun fact: I listen to Ted Talks while flat-ironing my hair. It’s been a habit of mine for years. Tons of good content is springing up from this global pandemic.

Adobe Creative Cloud – Start your free trial and learn some knew skills.

Fitness Resources

Streetparking – I love these guys. Always will. Head to their social media for loads of free workouts requiring minimal equipment.

Peloton App – Peloton is offering 90 days free. You will get access to everything!

Barry’s – They are offering a whole slew of online workouts throughout the week!

Liftlikeamother – Last but not least, me! Make sure you’re following me on social media. I post a ton of free workouts and go LIVE 3 days a week, M/W/F.

Family/Children’s Resources

Kahn Academy – My 3 oldest kids all utilize their free classes. The littlest of the 3 uses Kahn Kids.

Discovery K12 – If you’re as fed up with FCPS and blackboard, here is a great option for online homeschooling!

Crayola – Print out coloring pages for kids of all ages

Mental Wellness Resources

Lululemon – There’s nothing like yoga to help clear your mind! Lululemon has got you covered. Namaste!

Peloton Yoga – Take advantage of their free app for 90 days! You not only get cycling, HIIT and strength, but you get yoga as well!

Headspace – Ready to meditate and clear your mind? Take advantage of their free trial to help you out!

Side Note: with all the free offerings popping up left and right, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. You don’t have to use this time to learn a new skill or take free online courses. It’s ok to take this time to JUST PAUSE AND DO NOTHING. However, if you do decide to do something or take on a new task, this is a good place to start.

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