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Crossfit Regionals – Atlanta Trip Report

Beautiful Atlanta!

…and just like that, my Crossfit season is over. The 2016 Atlantic Crossfit Regional was done in the blink of an eye. I would be lying if I said things went the way I was hoping but that’s not the case. Not even close. After Day 1, we couldn’t recover so it went from being a quest for Carson to just being fun with some really cool people. Shit happens you can’t control. Things don’t go as planned. Earned not given. We didn’t earn it. I will say though, I have NEVER lost a snatch event. Thanks to my awesome teammates for helping me keep that streak alive. We tied for 1st in the Female Snatch Ladder.

On Friday, I was a good little athlete and went back to my room to pout eat and recover. On Saturday, I decided I wanted to get out with the kids and explore Atlanta. That’s the best part about being on a team at the Crossfit Regionals. You’re done by noon everyday!

The kids LOVE the Georgia Aquarium so naturally we had to pay it a visit. Thanks to some good friends of ours, they had a blast while George and I recovered from Saturday’s events.

The Georgia Aquarium – Thanks Aimee!

My little hands-on girl.

Sunday, we went to the CNN Center and did the guided tour. I wasn’t really expecting much, but it was actually very good. Even the girls enjoyed it. Seeing the inner workings of CNN was very fascinating. I highly recommend it!

The World’s Largest Escalator at the CNN Center!

One thing we didn’t get around to was the Bodies Exhibit. I was hesitant because as much as Makayla loves anatomy, there are certain things I’m not prepared to talk about yet.

We stayed at The Omni CNN Center in the North Tower. We had a perfect view of Centennial Park. Sounds nice, right? Not so much. Make sure to check your dates and see if they coincide with any festivals. Unfortunately for us, The Shaky Beats Festival was happening 3 of the 4 nights we were there. My insides are still reverberating from the base. Holy hell.

The rooms were decent but slightly dated, however it was connected to the GWCC so the convenience factor outweighed the luxury factor.

The Lifesaving Orbit Baby Stroller

Our trip to Atlanta and the Crossfit Regionals was full of ups and downs. I’m leaving feeling completely unfulfilled. Who knows what my competitive future holds but I can tell you one thing, this is not the last you’ve seen of me.


Shorts:  J.Crew Chino Shorts (and they currently ON SALE! I just bought red ones.)

Baby: Can be bought for the right price 🙂

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