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Baby Boy’s First Pair of Shoes – See Kai Run

I have a big obsession with baby feet. I don’t know what it is. Ok, maybe I do. They’re cute and little and soft and I just want to nom their tiny little toes! So when it came to baby boy’s first pair of shoes, I made sure to do my research. When Mak started walking, it was summertime so no shoes were necessary but as it gets colder, little man is going to need his tosies covered.

Look at the huge opening!

With crib shoes, the brand makes no difference. While comparing one soft shoe to another, you see they are virtually all the same. But when it comes to walking shoes, the FIRST shoe is so important. All babies are “toe curlers” in the beginning.  This means that their natural instincts are to curl their big toes when something touches them. It’s a reflex and perfectly normal but it’s also why having a pliable shoe is so important.

My go to for walking shoes has always been Stride Rite but when I tried a pair on Maddox a month ago, I just could not get his fat little foot in their shoes. His toes were all curled up and he seemed so uncomfortable. We left the store empty handed.

A few weeks later, I came across “See Kai Run“. It was literally the perfect fit. It was hard not to buy every pair on the shelf but realistically, he’ll wear them for 2-3 weeks if I’m lucky. Baby boy’s first pair of shoes are a hit. He told me he loves them! Either that or he just hasn’t figured out how to take them off yet. Whatever. I’m chalking it up to a mommy win.

Reason’s I Love See Kai Run

Before I had Maddox, I was convinced that all boy clothing and shoes were hideous. Clearly, I don’t feel that way anymore because everything I put baby boy in is soooooooooo adorable. [said every mother about their child] But that is one of the reason’s I love See Kai Run.

  1. Their little boy shoes are aestictally pleasing, e.g. they’re cute as shit

  2. The opening for the foot is abnormally large so I can fix his big toe if it curls

  3. They’re really flexible yet offer some stability

  4. Even though the opening is large, the velcro closure is really secure so no heel slippage

  5. They’re wide enough to allow baby’s foot to move

My favorite styles are below. Some are even on sale!


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