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Baby Boy Maverick and Birth Story

It seems like yesterday that I was waddling in for my 40-week appointment. I thought for sure Maverick would come early like the rest of his siblings but alas he decided to live up to his name. I was scheduled to be induced a couple days shy of 41 weeks.

The night before my induction, I could barely sleep because holy crap I was having another baby (and I had to do my  hair)! I had noticed some contractions that were pretty strong but I thought it was another bout of false labor. I finally fell asleep around 2am. At 6am, the alarm went off and we made our way to the hospital. By 7 am, I was strapped to the monitor and the nursed asked me if I had noticed the contractions I was having. I was all, “yea, but they’re more annoying than painful.” She decided to check me and low and behold, I had dilated to 3 centimeters overnight. We were ahead of the game.

Being my last baby, I really wanted to go natural. I had my birth ball set up and was bouncing away. This is when things got ungodly slow. It took me 5 hours to get to 5cm and by 4:30pm I was only dilated to 7cm. I was pacing around, swaying my hips, trying every position possible to ease the pain. We called it shortly after 4:30 because I was so sleepy. I just wanted to lay down and take a nap so begrudgingly asked for the epidural.

During this time, Maverick’s heart rate started to drop because I hold my breath when I’m in pain. They slipped on the oxygen mask and daddy really had to help me through the last few contractions. I think I may have fractured his hand! Sorry babe!

The anesthesiologist finally came around 5pm. He did his thing and I was sitting pretty by 5:30. The doctor said it would take another 2-3 hours given how slowly I had been progressing. I was finally able to nap so my mom and husband decided to go get coffee.

15 minutes later, shit hit the fan. The pain came out of nowhere. Maverick was having really big decels with every contraction and I had this urge. Most mommas know that urge. The nurse called my doctor. He came in, checked me and said the baby’s head was right there and it was time to push. The only problem was that G wasn’t back yet. I had two options: wait and have the OB call him or push and let him miss the birth of our last baby.

My doctor used my cell to call and moments later, my husband and mom come sprinting in. I really wish they would just learn their lesson. They left the room when I was in labor with Makayla and shit went crazy then too! Anyways, 3 pushes and out came our boy at 5:52pm. I had my epidural for less than 15 minutes before they turned it off. What a waste of a huge needle to the spine.

The Aftermath of Maverick

This baby boy came out with such fiery that he bruised my pelvic bone to the point where I couldn’t walk or get out of bed. The pain was so bad that I was shaking. This is why it’s good to have a husband who lifts. He had to physically squat me out of bed multiple times because I didn’t have the strength to stand on my own two feet. While the pain only lasted a day, it proved that this man is my rock. We are strong for each other. I’ll do it all over again, as long as he is by my side.

Thank you to Norma Fayak Photography for documenting my last journey to baby!

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