5 Herbal Extracts I Use and Why!

Updated: Jun 1

I was introduced to Mountain Meadow Herbs last summer during the pandemic. HeyMama did an Elixir Mixer where we used 3 different herbal extracts to make cocktails. Since then, they have been a regular part of my regiment, sans alcohol. Herbal medicine and tinctures are concentrated liquid herbs that are often used in homeopathy and traditional Chinese medicine.

Here is a quick rundown on the main extracts I use and why!

Full Spectrum Hemp Blend

Hemp and CBD are all the rage however, knowing where, who and what are growing my products is really important to me. I cannot tell you how many CBD products I have turned away in the last year but I had zero reservations trying MMH's new Hemp Blend because they grow and process everything themselves.

Their hemp blend is something I have worked into my nightly routine or during any time of stress. I have grown to really love the smell and taste!

On a technical level, full-spectrum hemp is infused with essential vitamins which provides support for your muscle, joints, as well as your CNS (central nervous system) that can be very useful in periods of over-exertion. Hemp is also known for improving immune health as well as other benefits.

Mountain Meadow Herbs locally grows their hemp and carefully extracts it into their potent blend. Containing 15mg of cannabinoids, this earthy-tasting extract is a good tool to add to your toolbox.

It is not recommended to take hemp while one is pregnant or nursing.

Herbal Focus

Recently added to my lineup is Herbal Focus. My days are full of routines and meetings and writing and collaboration. I will take this first thing in the morning before I sit down at my computer. I was actually able to bang out the last few edits of my book shortly after taking herbal focus. Completely anecdotal but it allows me to hyper focus, accomplish something and move on.

This tasty formula contains the extracts from the Bacopa herb, Eleuthero root, Ginkgo Biloba leaf and the Gotu Kola plant.

Herbal Focus is known for its active role in mental power as it is said to: