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3 Great Hikes in Northern Virginia

The weather is warming up, the rain is subsiding (hopefully) and we have no excuse to not take advantage of all the amazing trails in Northern Virginia. My top 3 trails to hike or jog can also be combined with a stop by a winery, a picnic or a history lesson!

My philosophy on exercise is that it has to be fun and inclusive. No one wants to be trapped in a dark gym for 2 hours if you don’t have to. Take your family and your fitness outdoors with one of these three, easily accessible hikes!

1. Manassas National Battlefield Park

There are two different trails at Battlefield Park. The first is a 1-mile loop. The second is a 5-mile loop. Both trails are great for older children, in my opinion. After completing a trial, continue your history lesson as you explore the park!

2. Great Falls National Park

Great Falls National park is a very easy, level hike that provides beautiful views of the river and falls. Fair warning though, parking is $18 per car or you can get a year long pass for $30. It’s a no brainer if you plan to go more than once. There are 3 different overlooks for you to stop and view the falls and it’s a really great trail for kids of all ages. After your hike, stop by the visitor center or have a picnic at one the many tables available.

3. Burke Lake Park

Image provided by Fairfax County.

Burke Lake is the largest park in Fairfax County and it has a fantastic 5-mile trail that follows the water. Scattered along the trail are several fitness obstacles from pull-up bars to balance beams. It’s been named one of the top trails in the US by the American Hiking Society. It’s even stroller friendly. I’ve made it all 5 miles with one kid in a stroller and one on a bicycle. It was the longest and slowest 5 miles of my life!

Enjoy <3

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