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Looking for a way to get moving without making a huge time commitment? We've got you covered! 

Try one of my monthly challenges hosted on this health and well-ness platform. Join me on social media as you take on a new health habit every month. 

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Challenge Testimonials 

Laura Wiseman

"This challenge has actually taught me a lot about myself and my kids. Funny .. it was just a challenge to do 100 burpees a day for 30 days but we have gotten so much more out of it  #growth"

Cynthia Uba

"It taught me that I could be resilient and maintain my goals through one of the toughest times in my adult life and I’m better for it! I was able to get three of my friends to join as well and that definitely kept us accountable but also close because we spoke everyday! I can’t wait to start the May challenge, can’t wait to see how I will grow!

Jennifer Estrada

"What did I learn during this challenge? Excuses. Lots of days I had an excuse as to why I just couldn't do it...but .. I always talked myself out of my excuses. I couldn't be a quitter in front of my kids! They are always watching!!

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